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The Log

The Log – California’s #1 Boating & Fishing Network

The Log Newspaper has been California boaters’ top source for in-depth local boating and fishing news since 1971. Nowhere else will you find The Log’s exclusive coverage of the latest boating issues, breaking news, upcoming events of interest to mariners and new legislation affecting California boaters. The Log also lists more boats for sale than any other classified section in SoCal. Don’t miss a single issue: Get The Log Newspaper delivered to you every other week, 26 issues per year. Each subscription also includes FishRap, the leader in California fishing news.

Fish Rap News

FishRap – The Leader in California Fishing News

Whether you’re a saltwater angler or a freshwater fishing fanatic, FishRap has the hard core sportfishing news you need. In addition to in-depth features, updates on the battle to preserve recreational access to California’s coastal waters and the latest fishing reports, each issue contains expert how-to advice on saltwater angling, up-to-the-minute news on conditions and catches in Baja California, and timely coverage of all the action at SoCal lakes. You can read about the latest lures, tackle and accessories, and get expert tips on rigging, maintaining and operating your fishing boat. FishRap is published 26 times per year, and each FishRap subscription also includes The Log, California’s #1 boating and fishing newspaper.